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When it comes to writing a novel, you have two options: find and develop the story as you write, or find and develop the story before you write. The latter will help you avoid frustration, wasted drafts, and giving up on potentially good stories that just need an infusion of craft to come alive.

This Kit contains everything you need to find and develop your story before you write it. 

You will develop it from a story idea into a full-blown story plan with structure and a scene-by-scene roadmap that you can use to write the first draft. You'll feel clear on your story and confident that you have something worthwhile to work with.

Not only that, Not only that, but you'll never sit down to the page again and say, "I don't know what to write." You can use the scene list as a "writing prompt" to help you get into each session.

This kit includes:

Module 1: Idea, Concept, Premise
This module contains:

-Idea, Concept, Premise: An Intro (video)
-Idea, Concept, Premise worksheet
-Refining Your Concept and Premise (video)
-Refining Your Concept and Premise worksheet
-BONUS: Recording from live 90-minute call with bestselling novelist and story coach, Larry Brooks (streaming MP3)

Module 2: Creating Characters
This module contains:

-Character Creation (video)
-Three Dimensions of Character worksheet
-The Human Nature of Character
-Character Planning worksheet 

Module 3: Story Structure
This module contains:

-Story Structure Overview (video)
-The Hook worksheet
-The First Plot Point worksheet
-The Pinch Points worksheet
-The Midpoint worksheet
-The Second Plot Point worksheet
-Story Structure 101 (webinar recording)
-Story Structure Cheat Sheet
-Story Structure worksheet
-BONUS: Character Arc worksheet

Module 4: Scene List (Story Roadmap)
This module contains:

-The Beat Sheet (video)
-The Beat Sheet worksheet (for Pages and Word)
-The Story Roadmap (video)
-The Story Roadmap worksheet (for Pages and Word)